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Exploring and experimenting with different art materials, Alex can host interactive workshops for you and your team or a group of friends to get creativity flowing.

A typical workshop will start with creative warm-ups, and then go into a longer session which can be observational drawing, painting, print making or collage.

Alex can create a workshop experience tailored to your brand, event or theme. Contact Alex to chat through your ideas, where she will be able to advise on materials and details. 

Previous art experience is not necessary, beginners welcomed!


Clear Channel
Team Day Workshop
Bounce, Farringdon

“Thank you for attending our event and doing a fantastic job of creating a piece of art that really capture our ideas, and in such a short space of time, it was very impressive! Also thank you for the great communication throughout and for going above and beyond by helping me plan for the activity/event with your ideas and being so accommodating in bringing equipment etc.”

Why an Art Workshop?
Drawing and painting has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, which is especially needed in a world today where we are constantly distracted and overwhelmed.
A creative workshop allows for connection between the attendees and a great way for individuals to express themselves, whilst having a sense of escapism for a couple of hours.

Everyone's style is different and with observational art, each angle is unique to that person. There is no right or wrong, which makes this an enjoyable and relaxing experience. 

Workshops can be booked for private parties or corporate events. They can be tailored to your group or business. Please contact Alex to book your workshop. 

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Contact Alex directly with your workshop idea.

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