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Vinoramica Winter Workshop


Vinoramica, Highams Park, London


November 2022 (Winter theme)
December 2022 (Christmas theme)


Workshop Host

Project type

Artistic Workshop


Mixed-media on paper

Workshop Overview:
- Participants created a mixed media, still life artwork using recycled magazine papers, oil pastels and acrylic painting techniques.
- The workshop included warm-up drawing techniques to get participants interacting.
- Each table had a unique still life scene set up for inspiration and to draw from.
- Included in the ticket price was a complimentary glass of wine from Vinoramica.
- 2 hours creation time

Workshop Dates:
- November 2022 (Winter theme)
- December 2022 (Christmas theme)

For reviews from participants and more information, please visit my Workshop page within the Services section of my website.

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